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Sleep Choices that Make Sense

As a practicing chiropractor I’m often asked by my patients about sleeping. Questions include bed type, pillow choices, sleeping positions and sleep aids. Let’s cover these topics briefly one at a time. There are many choices when it comes to purchasing a bed. Most of the top of the line bed manufacturers produce quality beds that will work just fine for most people. My rule of thumb is this: Choose a bed that is firm, doesn’t sag in the middle and has a pillow top or foam/feather overlay to soften the top of the bed only and be more compliant to the curves and bony points on the body. You

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Food for Thought

Why should we eat Organic Foods? Our current system of food production and distribution in the United States as well as large scale food sources from other countries unfortunately rely very heavily on chemicals. These chemicals begin with the fertilizers turned into the ground before planting. Then crops are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides…and have you ever tasted one of those tomatoes that can withstand the pressure of thousands above it as they are transported in huge elongated dump trucks? You and I couldn’t survive the pressure under all of those tomatoes…and they have zero taste. But they are firm and last longer to market. Something is wrong here. And

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Health Care Reform? What’s the solution?

With Health Care Reform so prominently covered in the media, I’d like to give you my take on the issues. The problem with health care in this country runs very deep and there is no easy solution. In order for meaningful change to take place, I believe the following items must be addressed: 1. Hospital’s must return to being non profit entities. There is too much incentive for corporate profits within these hospital corporations. Returning to non profit as they were years ago only makes sense in controlling skyrocketing hospital costs. 2. Health insurance companies also need to return to non profit status. Again the temptation to drive company profits

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Sweet Poison

So, today I walked into our local supermarket to pick up a few household staple items. I was greeted by the usual auto-sliding door and proceeded down one of the isles, knowingly moving in the direction of my item to be purchased. As I stepped hastily down the aisle I couldn’t help noticing the items for sale on the racks. Now I was in the flour/cake mix/sugar aisle on the right and the plastic wraps etc. on the left (Plastics!! We will save that for another time) when it hit me. Except for the fresh food items like meats and produce, this store is filled with a bunch of CRAP.

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Pharmaceutical Giant Fined…Natural/Organic Foods Becoming Mainstream

Two contrasting stories, both from highly credible publications, illustrate the intense tug of war that is transpiring between mainstream and progressive health forces, each pointing out the paradigm shift that is manifesting before our eyes. First, the Wall Street Journal reported that Big Pharma got their knuckles rapped again – this time, GlaxoSmithKline is being reprimanded for aggressively marketing drugs to nursing homes and other health care consumers for disorders that were never researched properly, leading to a $3 billion dollar penalty, the largest ever of its kind. In comparison, USA Today says that natural and organic foods are grabbing a larger share of the consumer food market, with major

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