Why should we eat Organic Foods?

Our current system of food production and distribution in the United States as well as large scale food sources from other countries unfortunately rely very heavily on chemicals. These chemicals begin with the fertilizers turned into the ground before planting. Then crops are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides…and have you ever tasted one of those tomatoes that can withstand the pressure of thousands above it as they are transported in huge elongated dump trucks? You and I couldn’t survive the pressure under all of those tomatoes…and they have zero taste. But they are firm and last longer to market. Something is wrong here.

And how about our meat products including beef, pork and chicken. Gorged on corn based feed laden with antibiotics and pesticides, these animals are usually restricted to very little movement in pens so that they can fatten quicker and be sold to market sooner.

Does this even sound appealing? Welcome to organically grown vegetables and fruits and animals raised on organic feed in a non-restricted environment…yes it’s a little more expensive but the price is well worth it in terms of your overall health and the health of your family.