Two contrasting stories, both from highly credible publications, illustrate the intense tug of war that is transpiring between mainstream and progressive health forces, each pointing out the paradigm shift that is manifesting before our eyes.

First, the Wall Street Journal reported that Big Pharma got their knuckles rapped again – this time, GlaxoSmithKline is being reprimanded for aggressively marketing drugs to nursing homes and other health care consumers for disorders that were never researched properly, leading to a $3 billion dollar penalty, the largest ever of its kind.

In comparison, USA Today says that natural and organic foods are grabbing a larger share of the consumer food market, with major chains increasing their focus on whole and unprocessed foods in response to burgeoning public demand.

Nationwide sales of natural and organic foods grew 8% in 2010, compared to 1% growth of the food industry overall. To capitalize on this growing desire, major chains like Kroger and Target have concentrated their buying power on such cultural trends. In fact, conventional retailers have surpassed specialty stores in sales of organic foods. Just go to your local supermarket and notice the selection of organic products from fruits to vegetables to packaged goods.

Big Pharma’s lies and deception interferes with our citizens’ ability to accurately assess their options. That’s why the government tried to stop them by slapping a huge fine on them, but sadly, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the windfall return they have enjoyed on these dangerous drugs, making even a $3 billion fine a cost of doing business they will just build into the price of their next medicine.

But the movement toward natural eating foretells unrest among our people, a resistance to settling for the status quo, and a powerful intentional move toward things natural. Doctors of chiropractic have established a prominent leadership role in supporting this eating lifestyle for over a century. The populace is willing to spend a little more on better food with no toxins used in their processing.

Our office has always been a significant voice of reason and a trusted heath advisor when it comes to dietary recommendations. Are you ready to begin eating healthier? Are you willing to change your eating habits to more natural and organic food choices? We will always be available for you should you need any advice or have any questions.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Winer

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