So, today I walked into our local supermarket to pick up a few household staple items. I was greeted by the usual auto-sliding door and proceeded down one of the isles, knowingly moving in the direction of my item to be purchased. As I stepped hastily down the aisle I couldn’t help noticing the items for sale on the racks. Now I was in the flour/cake mix/sugar aisle on the right and the plastic wraps etc. on the left (Plastics!! We will save that for another time) when it hit me. Except for the fresh food items like meats and produce, this store is filled with a bunch of CRAP. If you look at the ingredients in the boxed/canned food items you will find sugar or even worse high fructose corn sweetener in most everything. No wonder we have health problems related to obesity in this country. We are poisoning ourselves on a daily basis and most people are totally clueless as to what they are putting into their bodies.

And to add insult to injury, while checking out, there is a sign on the cash register that says, “if your checker doesn’t ask you for a donation, let him/her know and you will be ‘rewarded’ with a liter bottle of a soft drink (a picture of Dr Pepper or Coca Cola was on the message)”.

So I said to the cashier, ” So if you don’t ask me for a donation, you are going to poison me by giving me a large bottle of a soft drink”. At first he didn’t get it. Then he just grinned and took my money with indignation.

So now we are badgered and made to feel guilty at the cash register of most supermarkets for donations and if the cashier forgets to even ask we are “rewarded” with a product that is contributing to the demise of our health in this country.

Go figure.

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